Flexible PCB Manufacturing

Flexible PCB Manufacturing

Capel's 15-year flexible circuit board technology expert team

-With our deep expertise and experience, we can meet the specific requirements of our customers in terms of layer count, precision, and flexibility.

-well-versed in flex pcb manufacturing,understand the importance of high precision in flexible circuits boards

Support customized 1-30 layer high-precision flexible pcb circuit board

-advanced technology, equipment, and processes to ensure accurate and reliable production. Our attention to detail, stringent quality control measures, and comprehensive testing help us deliver high-quality flexible PCBs that meet the highest industry standards.

Single-Side Flexible Boards

14 layer FPC Flexible Circuit Boards

8 layer Flex  Board Pcb

Single Layer flexible pcb

2 layer flexible pcb

12 layer FPC Flexible PCBs

4 layer Flex PCB Circuit Board

2 layer flexible pcb

Provide reliable solutions for customers in the wearable devices, medical equipment, aerospace and defense systems, automotive systems, consumer electronics, industrial automation, and telecommunications.

-Customized flexible PCBs that meet their specific requirements;

-Depending on your industry-specific needs, we can provide flexible PCBs with specialized materials such as high-temperature resistant materials for automotive and aerospace applications, as well as medical-grade materials for medical device applications. We also keep updated with the latest flexible PCB manufacturing technologies to meet the evolving demands of these industries.

4 layers and 1 level Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards for Ventilator Medical Devices

4 layer Flex PCB boards are applied to Smart Bracelet

2 Layer Pcb Stackup Flex Circuit applicated in Aerospace Aviation.

4 layer FPC Flexible PCB Boards are applied to PlayStation Gaming Device

Aesthetic Instrument Medical Device

4 layer Rigid-Flex PCB Boards for Bluetooth Hearing Aid

2 layer Flexible Printed Circuits are applied to Communication Electronics

8 layer Rigid-Flex PCB Boards for VR Smart Glasses.jpg

Turkey Flexible PCB Assembly

Provide expertise and assistance during the design phase, helping customers optimize their designs
for functionality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness;

Being able to produce small quantities of flexible PCB prototypes in a timely manner, allowing customers to evaluate and validate their designs before proceeding with mass production;

Maintain detailed documentation throughout the assembly process, including bills of materials (BOMs), assembly instructions, and test records;

On-time delivery(Capel has efficient production planning, effective resource management, and close coordination with customers throughout the manufacturing process.);

Address any concerns or issues that may arise post-delivery and provide prompt technical support or warranty services if required.

Mass Production for Flex PCB Board  1

Mass Production for Flex PCB Board

Automatic Target Shooting  2

Automatic Target Shooting

flex pcb assembly  3

Flex pcb assembly

Flexible PCB Fabrication Advantages

Fully automated and high-precision production equipment

-minimize human errors, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall quality of our flexible PCBs.

Monthly production capacity reaches 80,000 square meters;

-manage high-volume orders and meet tight production schedules. Whether you require small or large quantities, we can fulfill your order requirements promptly and efficiently.

Continuous innovation of excellent and advanced process technology

-We prioritize innovation and constant improvement in our flexible PCB fabrication process,continuously explores and adopts new and advanced technologies,provide you with cutting-edge solutions and ensure that your flexible PCBs meet the latest technical standards.

-Optimize the manufacturing process to improve efficiency and reduce costs,minimize material waste, shorten lead times, and offer cost-effective solutions to our customers.


Automatic reinforcement

Automatic VCP

DES Line

LDI Exposure


Laser Driiling

Automatic V-cutting

Flexible PCB Production Capability

Category Process Capability Category Process Capability
Production Type Single layer FPC flex PCB
Double layers FPC flec PCB
Multilayer FPC
Aluminum PCB
Rigid-Flex PCB
1-30 layers FPC Flexible PCB
2-32 layers Rigid-FlexPCB
1-60 layers Rigid PCB
HDI Boards
Single layer FPC 4000mm
Doublelayers FPC 1200mm
Multi-layers FPC 750mm
Rigid-Flex PCB 750mm
27.5um /37.5/ 50um /65/75um
100um /125um / 150um
Rigid-Flex PCB025-60mm
Tolerance of
PTH Size
Immersion Gold/mmersion
Silver/Gold Plating
/Tin Plating/OSP
Stiffener FR4 /PI/ PET /SUS /PSA/Alu
Orifice Size
Min 0.4mm Min Line Space width 0.045mm/0.045mm
+0.03mm Impedance 500-1200
Copper Foil
9um/12um /18um /
35um /70um/100um
Tolerance ot
+0.05mm The Min Flush Width 0.80mm
Min Via Hole 0.1mm lmplement
Certifications ULand ROHS
IS0 9001:2015
Patents model patents
invention patents

Quality Control for Flexible PCB Production

Complete quality control system

- We have implemented a comprehensive quality control system to ensure the highest standards in flexible PCB production(material inspection, process monitoring, product testing, and evaluation)

Our operation is ISO 14001:2015 , ISO 9001:2015, IATF16949:2016 certified

-our commitment to quality management, environmental sustainability, and continuous improvement,our dedication to delivering reliable and high-quality flexible PCBs.

Our products are UL and ROHS marked

-ensures that our flexible PCBs meet safety standards and comply with industry regulations,free from hazardous substances,make them environmentally friendly and safe for use in various applications

Obtained more than 20 utility model patents and invention patents

-our focus on developing unique and creative solutions in flexible PCB manufacturing,Our commitment to innovation ensures that you receive cutting-edge products that meet your specific requirements.


Two-dimensional test


Impedance Tester

Flying Probe Test

X-RAY Inspection

Flying Probe Test

Halogen Tester

Quick Turn Flexible PCB Prototyping

24-hour non-stop flexible circuit board prototype production service

Delivery for small batch orders usually takes 5-7 days

Mass production delivery usually takes 10-15 days

Production Number of layers Delivery time (business days)
Samples Mass Production
FPC 1L 3 6-7
2L 4 7-8
3L 5 8-10
For FPC flexible PCBs with more than 3 layers, add 2 business days for each additional layer
HDI buried
blind vias
PCB and
2-3L 7 10-12
4-5L 8 12-15
6L 12 16-20
8L 15 20-25
10-20L 18 25-30
SMT: Add an additional 1-2 business days to the above delivery time
RFQ:2 working hours                            CS:24 working hours
EQ:4 working hours                               Production capacity: 80000m/month

Instant Quote for Flexible PCB and Flex PCB Assembly

Capel produces in its own factory and is controlled by a team of experts with 15 years of experience to ensure that every product is 100% qualified.