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Advanced equipment, strict quality control, high-quality service, a strong and reliable supply chain is crucial for the success of your business.


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What is Factory Audit?

A factorv audit is a tailor-made program
lt assesses various aspects such as the faclity's guality systems, workplace environm it is a crucial step to guarantee that the factory is
ent, and capabities to determine if they align with the client's or industry's standads able to fulfill the order effectively and efficiently.

Why Need A Factory Audit Before Placing A Bulk Order?

A factory audit helps you make informed decisions, ensures quality consistency, reduces risks, and enhances the success of your batch orders. It demonstrates due diligence and helps build long-term partnerships with reliable and responsible manufacturers.

Quality Assurance: A factory audit allows you to evaluate a manufacturer's production capabilities and quality control procedures.
Compliance with standards: Factory audits help ensure that manufacturers comply with industry standards, regulations, and certifications.
Production capacity: Through the factory audit, the production capacity of the manufacturer can be evaluated.
Ethical Practices: Auditing a factory allows you to check whether a manufacturer is following ethical practices.
Risk reduction: Factory audits help reduce risks associated with manufacturing. It enables you to identify potential bottlenecks.
Cost Efficiency: A factory audit helps you evaluate the cost efficiency of a manufacturer.
Supply chain transparency: Factory audits can improve supply chain transparency.
Communication and Expectation Alignment: With a factory audit, you have the opportunity to visit a factory and meet directly with the manufacturer.
Product and Process Improvement: Factory audits provide opportunities for product and process improvement.
Brand Protection: Conducting factory audits can help protect your brand reputation.


CAPEL's Advantages


Evaluating the capabilities and quality management system

Evaluate various aspects of the manufacturing process to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and compliance with established standards.


Ethical practices of organizations

Meet international standards and adhere to client-specific requirements.(ethical behavior, integrity, social responsibility, and sustainability).


Improvement program

Conduct an assessment/Establish clear goals/Develop an Action Plan/Strengthen Ethical Compliance/Enhance Environmental Managemen/Ensuring Structural Safety/Monitoring, Measurement and Review/Continuous Improvement


Protect the patent and privacy of customer documents

Implement a robust document control system: Access control/ File Classification/ Secure Storage/ Document Tracking/ Document version control/ Staff training/ Secure file sharing/ Document Disposal/ Incident Response/ Periodic Audits.


Having an approved supplier is critical to ensuring

Ensure all your suppliers are formally qualified and meet industry standards: Supplier prequalification/ Qualification Verification/ Compliance Assessment/ On-Site Audits/ Document review/ Performance evaluation/ Contractual agreement/ Ongoing Monitoring/ Continuous Improvement/ Communication and Collaboration.


5S ensure cleanliness and organization on the shop floor

Focuses on workplace organization and standardization: Sorting (Seiri)/ Seiton/ Cleaning/ Standardization (Seiketsu)/ Sustain (Shitsuke).

A variety of Audit Options for You to Consider


CAPEL's Files Online

Provide you with our company's files and technology support.


Factory Video Online

Provide you with online live streaming video about our factory and technology support.


Factory Inspector

Arrange a professional factory inspector and provide you with our technology support.